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The Trotting Therapist Xmas Round Up....

Aldi, Advanced Deep Tissue Massage and all the news from Hayden Therapies

Hi All, well we seem to have gone from a little chilly to Baltic haven't we?

I succumbed to the middle aisle of Aldi last week and bought a ski jacket for £19.99, seriously, if it only lasts me this winter I'll still think it's a bargain. My last working day will be Friday 17th December, with emergency slots left on Friday 31st (yes New Year's Eve because I don't go out, ever) for those who can't wait until January for a session. All bookable online.

Earlier this month I attended a CPD course in the beautiful Dorset countryside, I got stuck behind something that looked like Tractor Ted for around 8 miles just for the authentic countryside experience. The course itself was Advanced Deep Tissue Massage Techniques, delivered professionally in a warm and friendly setting which was nice. I really enjoy updating my manual therapy skills, I always feel like you never really stop learning in the job and can take something away from every course you do, and a few clients have already commented on the new techniques which is great! In case you're wondering why the picture is blurry, it's a mix of hand sanitizer and grapeseed oil on the lens. Follow me for more photography tips..😂

I've been a bit quieter on social media recently , mainly because I've been too busy to update it so apologies everyone, I'll get back on it when I grow an extra pair of arms (imagine the treatment possibilities!!).

I'm off again this weekend to do another course, this time it's Pregnancy Massage Techniques so if you know of someone with a little bundle of joy on the way who may enjoy some pampering please do let them know I'll be offering this service soon, you could even be very thoughtful and buy them a session with me as a baby shower gift!

I've received loads of referrals this month from clients old and new which has been extremely humbling, thanks guys, small businesses like mine really do rely upon word of mouth to get our services out there.

I've been working hard on improving my pole and aerial skills with Solent Fitness and Aerial Arts, it's a work in progress, but I'm really trying to take my own advice and condition my body wherever possible for the task in hand whilst taking on new challenges, next year I might even be brave enough to post a few more videos but no promises😂 I highly recommend giving it a go.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year, for now I'll say bye and catch you all on the flipside of Santa's little visit! Ciao!



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