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The Trotting Therapist Summer Round Up!

Hi All,

The clinic in now closed whilst I take a few weeks off. I've left some emergency spaces on Tuesday 6th September but will be back the following week with a revised schedule of workdays. I'll now be working Tuesday and Thursday but will keep one Sunday a month for those that really can't make it during the week. My little holiday has come just in time too as I managed to sprain my knee last week during a training session, what can I say, at least I have all the kit at home to treat it... I've managed to fit work, kids, aerial and even riding in over the last few months, but honestly I'm ready for a break from all of it (does anyone want the kids?) *cue the tumbleweed* .....

So those of you that have been in over the last month will have had the pleasure of getting your treatment in the main studio under the air con, honestly the treatment room was so hot I thought a hobbit was going to charge up the stairs and throw a ring in it. Thank goodness for the air con unit. I feel like I've done nothing but moan about how hot it's been.

So now the weather has cooled off a bit I'm hoping to get a bit more riding in over the coming weeks and maybe even do a little dressage test next month so we'll see how that goes, I think the horse may be fitter than me at the moment! Fingers crossed my knee heals quickly and I can get back to doing more of my mad hobbies where I pretend I'm younger than I actually am.
Just keep on trotting on,
Kim x

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