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Updated Opening Hours!

By popular demand (more like by a lot of moaning by those clients who actually work during the daytime, geez), I've reinstated some late afternoon/tea time slots midweek. These will probably book up fairly quickly so if you want a regular slot it may sensible to book a little ahead.

Sunday appointments will also be banished in favour of Saturday mornings, starting in December, so whether it's a straightforward Sports Massage you're in need of, or a little more complex problem solving Sports Therapy session, everyone should be able to find a suitable slot!

Don't forget I also offer Relaxation and Pre/Post Natal massage too!

Quick update on everything else, after sustaining a meniscus tear in my knee during the summer, I've spent a few months doing some serious rehab and generally taking more care of myself. I'm pleased to say that so far the knee is holding out, I'm not quite back to cross knee releases on pole yet but hopefully in the New Year! The main thing about re-hab for me is to remind myself not to rush it. Everyone is different and we all need a tailored re-hab plan to heal from injury, so if, like me, you're no spring chicken anymore (this can normally be determined by just how much your back hurts when you get up in the morning ;) ), give yourself plenty of time to get training back on track.

Just keep on trotting on!

Kim x


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