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The Trotting Therapist (that's me) September Update

Hi All,

Well that was a whirlwind start to September! Somebody pour the wine! The clinic opening has gotten off to a good start with both returning clients and new, which has been great. I've seen a mixed bag of injuries and chronic conditions which has been both challenging and thought provoking at the same time, anyone who knows me also knows I love a challenge.

I've recently launched my 'Rider Improvement Packages' which have gone down well for those that want to really focus on a specific issue, there's details on the services page if anyone wants to nosey.

I've got some great CPD coming up over the winter, my inner nerd rubbed her geeky hands together with delight when I booked them, you can never stop learning in this industry. I've also got plans to launch a podcast after Christmas if I can find the time, I've got a whole list of people from all industries I want to chat to on it so watch this space!

For those that follow my social media you'll see I took up Pole Dancing in the summer. Why oh why would a 38yr old mother of 2 randomly decide to do pole dancing I hear you cry. The answer is actually pretty simple, and no, I'm not having an early mid-life crisis. Actually it was because I felt like I needed a challenge to motivate me to get moving again. I've always been active, a bit clumsy at some sports and exercise but fairly committed. So after becoming a 'geriatric' mother, and yes, the NHS has decided that my age is considered geriatric when it comes to having children, I lost my mojo as far as movement and exercise went. After my 1st child I went back to PT within 4mnths. With my 2nd I wasn't 'fit pregnant', I was 'fat pregnant'. I blame the pandemic. And pelvic girdle pain, that too, but mainly the pandemic. I spent the last trimester shielding and eating my feelings worth of chocolate hobnobs, wondering whether I'd end up having my baby alone in hospital. It's been a long road since then but I finally kicked myself up the backside and decided to do something both fun and challenging. Hence the pole dancing. In case you're wondering by the way, it's EXACTLY as hard as it looks. I've got bruises in places I didn't think possible. Yesterday I did a headstand up the pole, I genuinely thought the instructor was joking when she suggested it. I've enjoyed learning something new and plan to continue through the winter, I might even be not quite so crap at it by the spring. It's been the perfect opportunity for me in many ways as it's forced me to face some of my own old injuries head on. It's amazing how some injuries stay with us long after they've physically healed. But we continue to carry them in our thoughts and our fears. I've witnessed it many times. That old back injury that happened in University but still causes someone to hold back on activities a decade later. That knee injury that healed but still reminds someone to be cautious on stairs. The emotional trauma attachment to injuries is a really deep topic, one that I'm not going to venture into today but will at some point!

Do you have a past injury that still stays in your mind even now? Do you think it's the injury or the event that caused it that stays with you? How you felt. How it impacted you and your lifestyle. Maybe it affected your job. Your sport. Your home life.

I'd love to hear about it.

Until next month, keep on moving!


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