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The Trotting Therapist November Update

Rider packages, CPD and all the news this month....

Hi All, hope everyone is adjusting ok to the sudden chill out there, reminds me of my days working outdoors in the freezing cold, still makes me shudder. Seriously considering getting my cheapy thermal tops out of the cupboard and fetching the big coat out of the loft.

For those that may be interested, I've launched my Rider Improvement Packages which are so far proving popular. These cost effective targeted sessions are a great way of problem solving riding challenges whether it's an issue of balance, core strength, pain or crookedness, maybe a combination of all of them (lucky lucky you). They also make a great horsey gift if you're thinking of getting something actually useful for friends or family, not saying that ANOTHER set of matchy matchy isn't isn't useful, but really, it's not. Talking of matchy matchy, I can't be the only one who saw the copyright issue with a rather large equestrian brand releasing an almost identical product to a small business earlier in October. The social media response has been quite strong on both sides. Truth be told, my support does lie with the small business rather than the larger brand, and it does seem there were some rather uncivilised actions made by the big brand. I guess we'll see where that one goes...

October was quite a busy month for me both in and out of clinic, but I like to be busy so I won't complain too much, November is shaping up to be the same. I've managed to squeeze in some ridden assessments on dry days which has been nice, although at some point I'd really like to get back in the saddle myself! This weekend I'm off to update my CPD (continuing professional development) with an advanced soft tissue course down in beautiful Dorset. It's always been important to me to keep as up to date with my manual therapy skills as possible and accredited refresher courses are a great way of doing that, this one is accredited by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) so I'm sure the usual high standards of training will apply.

Last but not least I'll be designing some new gift vouchers this month in time for Xmas so look out for a social media update!

Until next time, just keep on trotting on!


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