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Catch Up With The 2024 Timetable!

A \round up of this year and whats to come for next year......

Hey Everyone! Just thought a little catch up was well overdue to keep you in the loop and let you know the timetable changes taking effect from January 2024. For those of you who've been asking for evening slots, you're in luck. As from January 2024 there will be some limited availibility for mid-week evening treatment slots, I do suggest that you book in advance to avoid disappointment. The booking calendar is now live! Saturday morning slots will also still be on offer so hopefully there's something for everyone.

I've been as busy as ever with all the normal nonsense I get up to, with a highlight being Rider Performance summer camps. I was kindly asked to attend a busy one hosted by Michelle Pack Equestrian Coach and Jodie Hewitt-Sherry Equestrian Coach in August at Bucklebury Farm. Needless to say we had a lot of laughs and did some learning too with both theory, practical and group work.

I've always enjoyed this part of the job, mainly because I get to meet new people and spend the days discussing solutions to common rider problems or strategies to improve rider performance, the cakes are usually good too in between treatments :)
Get in touch if you think this is something you could be interested in for 2024.

Aerial wise things have been good, I'm really enjoying coaching Pole Fitness and spend most weeks coming up with some new crazy -but-safe conditioning exercises to keep everyone progressing. I've had a few training set backs here and there but as I keep reminding the clients I work with, progress isn't linear, but consistency will always help reduce set backs in training. I've changed the way I approach training this year, I guess because, somewhere deep in the back of my imposter syndrome mind, I think that now I'm over 40 I'll have to work harder for strength gains. But the the tuth of it is, I don't think you do have to work harder, I just think you have to prioritise yourself more. Eat better, Rest and sleep. Stretch. Look after your mental and physical health. I think it can become so normal to function close to burnout for so many people, including myself. We really can do better for ourselves, or atleast treat ourselves with the same level of care that we do our loved ones.

Personally I've been enjoying hoop too and feel like maybe next year I might see my way to braving a coaching certificate for that too, if I can get fit enough of course as time is always in short supply for extra training!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Xmas and New Year, I plan on doing as little as possible unless it involves a blanket and a good book. Or a Bailey's coffee :)

Thanks to all my wonderful clients for your support in 2023, here's to hoping everyone has great year in 2024!

See you on the couch,

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