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Spring Update & All Things Aerial....

Hi everyone! So glad to finally start to see the back of the winter, the promise of spring is peeking around the corner. It's been ages since I've updated what's new at Hayden Therapies I know, things get so hectic and anyone who knows me well will know that in a spare 5mins I'm likely to be mindlessly scrolling insta rather than actually doing any of my own admin. #truestory

So.... somewhere in the gloomy depths of January it was quietly suggested by the head of the aerial studio that I might like to take a Pole Instructor Certificate. Although at first I thought it was a comment said in jest, the more I thought about it the more I thought, hang on, I could probably do that. It's not the first time I've taken a hobby to the next level with my hyper focus and I do have 20yrs coaching experience, albeit with a very different idea of 'Pole work'. So with some vaguely obsessive syllabus reading and training correct technique about a 1000 times, I received the news on my 40th birthday that I'd passed! Legend. For those concerned that I'm now thinking about becoming a stripper or running away to join the circus, fret not, for even though it's tempting as we're in the middle of half term, the truth is that being a Pole Instructor has NOTHING TO DO WITH STRIPPING. Sorry to disappoint. Louder for the people in the back. Pole fitness is about strength, flexibility, body awareness, core control and confidence, all the elements of any good sport or hobby. It's no surprise I enjoyed the process, I love learning new skills and am always looking to upskill at every opportunity. The stripping side of pole is called exotic and the two aren't mutually exclusive.

Now that my focus has shifted away from coach training I've also recently returned to hoop which is the perfect cross trainer to pole. I forgot just how much I loved it until I went back, even though I thought I might just die of DOMS the next day.

As far as clinic goes it's still running as normal. I'm still offering weekly appointments in Sports Therapy and Sports Massage, although the days and times are completely random some months due to the little sproglets so if you can't find a slot that's suitable on the calendar then do get in touch directly. Currently I'm running on some Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays which should stay the same for the next few months at least. With enough interest I may start the odd |Monday morning so get in touch if Monday is your day. March was really busy for appointments that ranged from tennis elbow to sciatica and everything in between it seemed.

I've actually suffered from a few injuries myself this winter, I blame getting old, nothing at all to do with my blood being 30% Rioja. The first was a nasty shoulder impingement that I'm just now coming out the other side of and the second a pulled hamstring which is mildly irritating. The problem is, you can sit and do nothing should you choose. Or you can go and live your best life and risk stuff going wrong on occasion. It's abundantly clear which camp I'm in.

On another note, I've also taken a Level 1 Football Grounds Maintenance certificate (community work associated), so I also now understand how any outside of agriculture actually uses a spiking roller for aeration. Fascinating.

Until the next instalment I hope you all keep well and do what you love!

See you on the couch. Kim x

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